Software Outsourcing Models

Centium Software wide experience coupled with our time-proved methodology allows us to develop an adequate outsourcing strategy for each of our clients. From years of experience in software development outsourcing business we have realized that the majority of outsourced projects could fit into our standard outsourcing model. Based on information about your project length, requirements and workload together we design your optimal software outsourcing model, picking most suitable elements from our outsourcing model since it has proved its efficiency and success in many offshore projects.

In any models proposed above, it intensively involves our clients. Below is schema you can see how our staff members communicate with our clients

The benefits are evident:

  • Thorough control over the project during the whole software development cycle
  • All risks are resolved at the earlier stages of the project – design, prototyping, etc.
  • We are all sure that the system under development conforms to your requirements